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Dreamfarm Best Sellers Set - Supoon and Chopula

Dreamfarm Best Sellers Set - Supoon and Chopula

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Dreamfarm Best Sellers Set

Set Includes 1x Supoon and 1x Chopula in matching color

These two are WINNERS! Our two best selling kitchen utensils in the store and the owners personal favorites! You will love this spoon and spatula set and all they have to offer! These two perfect staples in your kitchen will help you cook and bake every day! Excellent gift idea for new homeowners, graduates, weddings, and even for the cook who has everything! This Australian brand has won many worldwide awards for their amazing line of kitchen products. Check out all of our Dreamfarm products!


Supoon is the world’s best cooking scraping spoon and my personal favorite gadget in my kitchen! It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible sides to scrape your pan or pot or bowl clean, a deep scooping head, measures teaspoons and tablespoons for oils or milks, chops up food with its hard flat end and its clever handle design is like having a built-in spoon rest so your Supoon’s head sits up off your counter or hangs over your pan for mess free cooking! 

*Heat resistant to 500 degrees and Dishwasher safe!


  • Length: 11" 
  • Width: 1.3"
  • Materials: Nylon handle and core with LFGB grade silicone head


Premium-grade silicone is heat resistant to 260°C / 500°F and Dishwasher safe


Chopula is an award-winning spatula and one of The Galley Kitchen Shop's best sellers that is not only thin and flexible for flipping from the front or side, but also incredibly strong for chopping on its side. Great for separating meat, frozen veggies or eggs in a pan, flipping pancakes and serving. Chopula’s clever handle design also lifts its head up off your kitchen counter when you put it down.

How To Use Chopula

Product Details

  • Length: 11.6"
  • Width: 3.4"
  • Materials: nylon

Care Instructions

Non-stick safe nylon is heat resistant up to 250°C/480°F and Dishwasher safe

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