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The Negg

The Negg Easy Hard Boiled Egg Peeler

The Negg Easy Hard Boiled Egg Peeler

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Bring on the deviled eggs, egg salad, egg garnish. With the negg® the dreaded kitchen chore of peeling hard-boiled eggs is now easy, fast and fun! Each negg comes with instructions on proper use and the best recipe we have found to hard boil perfect eggs every time.

The unique shape with bevels and bumps on either end and sides is the perfect shape to make peeling eggs a breeze! Just add a little water and shake gently!

"Ive used this myself many times and they really do work amazingly!" -Owner at The Galley Kitchen Shop

Check out The Negg's delicious deviled egg mixes we sell for only $3.95!

-Listing is for 1 yellow Negg

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