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The General's Hot Sauce

The General's Hot Sauce - Maple Mayhem

The General's Hot Sauce - Maple Mayhem

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Product Description:

The General's Hot Sauce are a superior line of USA made hot sauces containing 86% peppers in each bottle where most competitors are only 15%. Use these hot sauces on wings, tacos, burritos, bloody marys, eggs and more!

This all-natural, habanero-infused maple syrup, is made from the highest quality ingredients. Vermont's maple trees provide the sweet, and our lightly salted, sun-dried ground habanero pepper mash provides the heat. There are no preservatives, chemicals, or thickeners of any kind (as with all our products). Use your imagination with Maple Mayhem: maple-glazed salmon, chicken, and waffles, or grilled Brussel sprouts; the possibilities are endless

Product Details:

Maple Mayhem Maple Syrup Hot Sauce is rated MEDIUM out of mild, medium, or hot

The General's Hot Sauce is a Veteran owned company that donates back to veteran families and hires veterans!

6 fl oz.  Glass grenade container

6 varieties available in other listings

Made in South Carolina, USA

Small batch Veteran owned small business



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